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First installation works fine but having ReCaptcha Problems

This is my first time using this and it looke pretty awesome. I have created my form and everything is working great except for ReCaptcha.

ReCaptcha is picking up the incorrect code but I cannot for the life of me get the error message to appear!

The instructions say to add
PHP Code:
ft_api_display_post_form_captcha_error() function). 

and then the instructions say:

To change the content or the style, all you need to do is pass a single field containing whatever HTML you wish to appear. For example:

PHP Code:
'<div class="error">Error! Please re-enter!!</div>'
This is whats getting me! I have added the above php to the form is this correct? If it is correct does anyone have any idea as to why the message isn't appearing?
Hey there,

Just in case you missed it, here is a tutorial to follow to implement reCaptcha:

The error issue is addressed in this post:

Display Captcha:


If all else fails, you can bypass the API and try this:

Hope this helps.


Thanks Joe for the reply, unfortunately I have tried all these earlier to no avail! Sad

What I would like to see is a completed finished form code to see where I am going wrong. Like I said the recaptcha works but if I type it incorrectly is just returns me to the form again with no error! Sad
Forget what I just said, I got the last suggestion to work, many thanks!

Glad you got it working Will.



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