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Emails following submission - set up failure
Set up a submission email and when adding the email recipient and reply-to etc, on updating the email template I got these error messages:

Notice: Undefined index: recipients in /home/andyr/public_html/form-tools/global/code/emails.php on line 845
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/andyr/public_html/form-tools/global/code/emails.php on line 847

jpg attached showing screen - NB a recipient - user who submitted form - had previously been selected.

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Hi fhandy,

Interesting! Is javascript enabled in your browser? Also are you running IE6, 7 or 8? (or something else?)

I wouldn't worry too much about this error. For some reason, the javascript validation didn't fire when you submitted the form. JS is required for the Form Tools admin panel so either there's an error in your browser or JS has been disabled.

To fix it, just enter one or more recipients in the Recipient(s) field then re-submit the form. If you CAN'T and JS is definitely enabled, let me know and I'll investigate this further.

Let me know!

- Ben
Hi Ben

It was IE 7 with JS enabled.

I'll do as you suggest and report back if I still have problems.

Thanks for your great work.


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