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How to access submitted data?
Hi - I have downloaded and installed Form Tools + Form Builder.
I am able to upload everything to my web server, connect to a MySQL database, create a Form (+ email notifications) and make submissions to it ..

Now I want to access the data that was submitted via this form - but I can't find where this data is actually stored or info about how I can access the data ..

How do I do this? Which MySQL tables are used to store user submitted data for each Form?

Thanks if you can help,
Hi Andrew,

The data can be accessed through Form Tools admin panel (or client panel as well). When you log in as an admin,

- click "Forms"
- choose your form and then click "VIEW" under the submissions column
- all data will be visible here with the default All Submissions View

If you need to further manipulate your data, you can edit your views. If you need to access the data directly through MySQL the table name is ft_form_id (id being the id of the form). I highly recommend against directly making changes in MySQL.


Hi Joe .. Thanks for this .. I've found it now (there are a lot of MySQL tables that get generated .. The one I was searching for was ft_form_2 .. I didn't notice it at first) ..

No problem! Glad you found what you were looking for. Again, it's best to make updates through the Form Tools interface.



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