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How to implement {$ANSWER_email} in Reply-To field in EDIT EMAIL TEMPLATE page
Hello FormToolers,

I have everything set up and running the way I like it, but there's just one thing I can't figure out.

On the EDIT EMAIL TEMPLATE page, I would like to make the reply-to email address return the value of the email field in my form. That way I can simply hit reply to each form.

When I try to add {$ANSWER_email} into the Reply-To field I get the error:

• Please enter a valid custom 'From' email address.
• Please enter a valid custom 'Reply-to' email address.

I realize that it is validating the field, and {$ANSWER_email} does not look like an email address... yet. Can I override this?

Is there a work around for this?


Hi Tom,

To do this you will actually need to map the email.

- Go to your form and edit
- Click Email tab and click Edit icon next to email you need to edit
- Click the Recipients tab
- At the top click through and follow the prompts to map your emails here: "Click here to specify which form fields are email fields, so you can target them in your email templates."
- Once mapped there will be an additional option in the drop down for the reply to to choose Form Field Email, please choose that option


Hi Joe,

Thank you very much for the walk through. It worked like a charm.

Have a great day,

No problem Tom. Happy to help.


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