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White page after uploading of file and accessing the URL

Im quite desperate. Need anyhelp I can get.

After I uploaded the files and accessed the URL, a blank page appears (but unlike the others in this forum experiencing the same problem, when I access the root, I'm not automatically brought to ../install) and can't get into step 1, step 2 etc. of the installation process. All is white and no error message. I have already tried the following:

1.) themes/default/cache-folder set to read-writable (777)

2.) checked the version of my Php (its Php5.4) (i'm running MySQL5) and. I've seen the .htacces in my root it says:

AddHandler x-mapp-php6 .php3 .php4 .php .phtml

3.) checked the php.ini file in the root. it says:

include_path = ".:/usr/lib/php5:/usr/share/php/libzend-framework-php:/usr/share/zend-framework"
allow_url_fopen = on
display_errors = on
allow_url_include = on

tried to change the php.ini to php5.ini (but without changing the contents).

4.) checked the script in step2.php and yes it has the following script:

$valid_mysql_version = false;
if (substr(mysql_get_client_info(), 0, 1) >= 4)
$valid_mysql_version = true;

5.) I ran the script in the URL and still blank. I tried to add echo "VERSION: " . mysql_get_client_info(); then ran. but still blank.

6.) I re-uploaded all the files twice using binary transfer type. And checked the completeness of the files and even the size of transferred files and they are all ok.

I'm not a coder and just following the solutions provided on other thread. Do I need to manually update the global/library.php configurable values and indicate the correct values?.. example:

$g_root_url = "";

Actually I already tried that as well. Tried everythin above, but still no luck. Can't pass the very first step Sad

My host is 1and1.

Where did I go wrong?

Thank you very much for the help.



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