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Blank 2nd (Review) Page
Hi all,

Have scoured the posts within the forum and gone through all of the potential matches and solutions, but am still stumped, so wonder if someone with more experience could advise if I have missed something or done something daft in my code.

I previously installed formtools on my dev domain and got it all working without issues, but seems since installing again on the production domain, it no longer wishes to work.

My issue is that when I try and move from the initial first page to the 2nd page, which is a review entries page, the page is totally blank, only containing the html header and nothing else.

You can see it in action here:

When registering the forms using the api method for multi page forms, it was the same issue where the 2nd page was blank, so I managed to get it registered by visiting each page manually and it then said it was completed, but then trying to use the forms just shows a blank 2nd page every time.

My 1st page has the following in it:

$fields = ft_api_init_form_page(1);

$errors = array();
if (isset($_POST['iONNext']))
  $rules = array();
  $rules[] = "required,first_name,Please enter your first name.";
  $rules[] = "required,last_name,Please enter your last name.";
  $rules[] = "valid_email,email_address,Please enter a valid email address.";
  $rules[] = "required,email_address,Please enter your email address.";
  $errors = validate_fields($_POST, $rules);

  if (empty($errors))
    $params = array(
          "submit_button" => "iONNext",
          "next_page" => "iON-Newsletter-Signup-Review.php",
          "form_data" => $_POST,
    $fields = array_merge($_SESSION, $_POST);

The 3 pages are:

The strange thing is that with identical form api settings and content, but on a different domain (my dev - using the same mysql db - different table names) it works:

I am sure I have got to be missing something very obvious somewhere, but after a couple of days of scratching my head, and the best part of 4 or 5 hours going through the different similar issues others have had and the solutions I am no further forward, so if anyone has any suggestions then I am all ears and would appreciate the input.

Many thanks, Ian

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