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Installation - Uh Oh
Hi there,

I am trying to install Formtools.

I have

a) downloaded the latest version,
b) unzipped it
c) uploaded the folder formtools
d) change the permisions on theme/default/cache
e) gone to mydomain/formtools

and I get the following error


Form Tools was unable to make a connection to the database hostname. This usually means the host is temporarily down, it's no longer accessible with the hostname you're passing, or the username and password you're using isn't valid.

Please check your /global/config.php file to confirm the $g_db_hostname, $g_db_username and $g_db_password settings.

The host isn't down and I haven't provided any usernames or passwords.

There is no problem with my host and I am wondering what I can do.


Solved - thanks Smile
What was your issues? Please share if you have a moment. Thanks.



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