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Multiple Submissions
First...I highly apologize if I seem to have a question every few weeks! I simply realized I could use Form Tools for nearly everything I can think of!

I have a client who seems to have an issue with multiple submissions from the same person. She has a donation form which includes a dynamic list menu which pulls from a list of registered members. Every so often a user on her site will donate towards multiple registered members. (one submission directly after another) The first submission always goes through just fine...but every so often the second or third donations never make it to Form Tools. The payment goes through just fine...just no data is sent back to the database.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks So Much!

Hey Brian,

Haha! no worries Smile So is your form a PayPal-enabled form using IPN? I wasn't quite sure from your description precisely what's handling the payment and at what juncture the information gets sent to Form Tools.

Let me know a little more about the technicalities of how your form works and I'll see if I can help troubleshoot.

- Ben
It's actually using After further look into this over the weekend, we are pretty sure this was merely a "fluke." Most likely brought about from bandwidth issues.

What I did in this situation was setup a processing script that processes payment via Upon a successful transaction, the information is then passed to the same table in Form Tools that currently holds the data. So basically I bypass the process.php file in Form Tools, but still give the client ability to view and edit the data within their Form Tools admin area simply because this is where all of her other form data is being stored. (hope that makes sense.)

In gathering further information from her, she's had nearly 1500 successful transactions and 2 with the issues of payment being processed, but no data being sent to Form Tools. (or in this situation...the table in the form tools database) Oddly enough...these both occurred within 15 minutes of each other. What we think happened is the server dropped connection during the checkout process.

That sounds probable. Thanks for posting back - one less worry to have lurking around the back of my mind...!

- Ben

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