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importing external data
HI Guys...

wasnt sure where to post this and hope im in the right forum.
just downloaded the software today and need some advise. I have 2 sites, which i use for my landing pages for several campaigns and where I collect my data. However Im only able to download this software in my other site

I want to collect the data from the forms on and keep track but I dont see any form names as its built into the page.

can anyone offer some advise please.

Hi there,

If you need to collect data from a form that is not on the same server you will need to use the process.php method. Using the API method is only possible for forms on the same server.

More details here:


thanks for the quick reply Joe...but what if my form is built on .asp its been this way for some time and I was not collecting the data from the submissions but want to start.
You'll definitely need to use process.php if your form is built in .asp. Please note, we highly recommend running Form Tools on a Linux server. You'll have way fewer issues than if you run it on a Windows server.



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