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using formtools to intregrate with a shopping cart
I have a heavily involved order form which I am trying to use "session" to recycle the form if neccessary. Example - customer wants to order 2 items. They order the first item and it goes to the cart and now they want to order another item so they are taken back to the first page of the order form to "start over" and order the next item. The setup works when tested individually and when it used one time. There are 3 "pages" - the order form (1 page), passes info to the confirmation page (1 page) and if everything is correct, then passes the info to the shopping cart (1 page). The idea that I am interested in is this - to be able to set the "sessions" using the API on the first 2 forms and when it is sent to the cart that the "sessions" end so that when the customer goes back to "start" the process over, that "sessions" will recognize that it needs to set "session" again and so forth. The shopping cart would then be set with its own "session" seperate from the form per se. I know how to start and end sessions but with the API process, I want to be able to end the current sessions but still have it put through the info that is needed for the cart. Reasoning for the question is that the "cart" would take the place of the "thank you" page and being that it is still an active page and not a static page, I am not real sure how just simply processing it as the thank you page will work. Any comments on this idea would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your most valueable time.

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