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Blank install page Debian PHP 5

I just downloaded from the site the latest formtools. Updated the themes/cache folder to 777 and still getting blank page.
I checked VM setting for php version and switched it to 5.6.3
I checked Apache error log, no issues there.

Still getting blank page.

Any ideas?
I'm also having this problem - running on my local OS X Apache Server, PHP and MySQL versions ok, cache folder has the correct permissions.
I have same problem. I have BLANK PAGE in /formtools/install/ with no errors.
I tryed to put into index.php file code to display errors, still no error. Just blank page.
delete all the cache files except index from ```formtools/themes/default/cache ... thats how I fixed it.
Didnt work for me.
Check your running PHP 5, it won't work on PHP 7.
(Jul 10th, 2017, 11:11 AM)enginama Wrote: Check your running PHP 5, it won't work on PHP 7.
Thanks for the hint. After downgrading PHP from 7.1 to 5.6 and cleaning /formtools/themes/default/cache/ (everything except for index.html), I was able to proceed with the installation. I wonder whether it isn't clearly specified in the requirements...
Hey AntonK, sorry about that. Form Tools 3 supports PHP 5.3+, including PHP 7 but it's just in alpha at the moment - probably another couple of months to go before it hits Beta.

All the best -

I am using FT 2.2.6 and its perfect... I realy want to upgrade to FT 3, because php7 its amazing in compare to 5.6.

When FT3 its stable, I will have tons of work migrate everything, but what ever I will accept FT its saving me tons of work and my coworkers too. In december I ll embrace a new project to a responsive template for FT3. Hope everything goes well.
Nelson Costa.

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