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Passing values from one page to another upon submission
I have a multi-page form that when the first page is submitted it has a number of values that need to be sent to (pass through) to page 2. When I was testing it with the "form action='page2' method='post'" method, it works like it should but when trying to make it work with the FT API process (form action='<?php echo $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]?>' method=post'), the page (page 1) gets submitted and it re-directs to page 2 like it is supposed to; however, the pass through values do not make it to page 2. I went through a couple of other threads that I felt applied and one of them suggested one of the tutorials of which I read and applied. It was regarding the re-filling of values so that they would be there if needed if trying to set up a review page or going back to re-edit the info. It had the form fields broken down and examples on how to make each of them work. I went through the 1st page and added these PHP (get) lines to each of my fields (corrected to my field names as directed) with the exception of the pass through fields. I did not apply them there since there is javascript applied to all of the regular form fields in order to get those values into the right pass through formats. Do I need to go back and adjust the "action" value to make the info pass through to page 2 and if so, how will that affect the submission info from page 1? Or is there some other way or something that I am missing that would make this happen? Any input or thought is welcomed as I am completely spinning my wheels on this one.
Hi Vlscottsr,

You don't need to adjust the "action" value in your form.

In case you haven't gone through the documentation yet, here is a link to add a multi-page form with the API:

Hope this helps.


I have already read and completed that particular part of the form and I have had the form completely gone through the entire processing part - at least up until the thank you page. After I wrote this thread, I open up all of my "hidden" fields to see the action of the form (was assuming that all was working since it did while building and testing it) and I noticed that all of the "hidden" fields were blank where they should have been full of values. I just discovered this just about 15 minutes before your response, so I guess I need to find out why my "working/fuction" fields are not producing the values that it should before I can go any further. It is these fields that pass through the values to the next page which is over 50 fields. My scripts control these inputs so it looks like I will have to get back to you when I resolve this problem or if I have another situation come up. Thank you for your time and response. Have a nice evening.
I went back and re-checked my scripts and found one that I had renamed the file but forgot to change it in the head section of the page. I have verified that all is working as planned but the values are still not "passing-through" to "page 2" as needed, so now I am back at my original post. I have also followed the page instructions and checked that the API is correct on the form pages and that the form submission process is working correctly but the values need to pass from one page to the other. I have read the tutorial about using the 'pass-thru' box in the field setup page of the form but that puts the values in the URL and there are some values that might be long in length which would not work. I need to leave the form in a "Post" format if possible, so any help would be welcomed. Thank you for your time.

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