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Option Lists
Good Day,

I have a few of feature requests related to Option Lists:

1. Sort Button - The manual positioning feature is wonderful, although it can be tedious if you are maintaining long lists and want to simply sort alphabetically.   I propose adding a button that would allow you to reorder your option list alphabetically with one click.

2. Hide Option - It would wonderful to have an option to toggle visibility of an item in the option list.   This would help to reduce the size of longer Option Lists that have entries that are no longer valid but must be maintained to prevent "holes" in your database from being created if your were to simply delete the list item.

3. Lookup Control - Style wise it is a no-no to have an exceedingly long drop-down list to scan through.   a search enabled drop-down control would help drastically with longer option lists.   I am investigating adding this for my needs but have had limited success.

Thank you for your consideration
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