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Looking for a solution
Hi All,
Great forum, I have found lots of help here.

Here is one idea I would like to try but, I am stuck on formulating a solution.

I have multiple forms setup on multiple sites that we manage. The client pulls the form data via xml into a system they have created on their end.

We do not give the client access to the Form Tools admin and would like to keep it this way.

However, every time they pull the xml, they are continually pulling the same submissions. Is there a way to have all submissions delete after the client pulls or "Views" the xml to a particular view?

Thank you for your ideas in advance
There's no default functionality that can batch delete data in Form Tools.

You'll probably need to write a PHP script outside of Form Tools to do this. Perhaps, your client could setup a cron job where it calls their script to pull data from the XML feed and then afterwards it would call the PHP script to remove the data.

Hope this helps.



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