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Error 500 on Step2.php, Call to Undefined function...
Hello there,

Trying to install FormTools2.2.6, Debian 8.6, Php5 (5.5), MySQL 5.5, Apache2 (2.4.10).
I have set /var/www/formtools -R 755 and then /var/www/formtools/themes/default/cache -R 777

When I browse to http://localhost/ it redirects to http://localhost/install and I get the welcome page. If I select my language it thinks for a second and there is no difference. If I select "Continue" it gives me Error 500. 

From /var/log/apache2/error.log I see:
PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function mysql_get_client_info() in /var/www/formtools/install/step2.php on line 48

Line 48 of step2.php is:
$page_vars["mysql_get_client_info"] = mysql_get_client_info();

I have read and reread documentation and checked forums for this error, sorry if it's common and I over-looked it, thanks in advance for the help!

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I just solved this myself, I did not have php5-mysql or libapache2-mod-php5 installed.
its, okay
I am trying to put it on the drive but unfortunately, it’s not working properly. Developer makes it difficult for user and essayontime by owner this problem should fix and able to their best condition.
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