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Message: update your /themes/default/cache folder
When I try to install I get the, " you will need to update your /themes/default/cache folder to allow full read and write permissions... " message. I went into my Godaddy hosting, ftp manager and changed the permissions to allow read, write and execute. First I just changed the themes/default folder and that didn't work so I changed the permissions for the whole forumtools folder and still no help.

Ideas on where I should go from here?
I re-uploaded the Themes folder and now I can get past the permissions message. Should I go back and change the permissions after I complete the install?
Now a new problem. I received the email that Form Tools has been successfully installed. When I click the link in the email I get a web page with the message: The "index.tpl" template could not be located at the following locations: /home/content/69/7800969/html/mywebsite/formtools/themes/default/index.tpl and /home/content/69/7800969/html/mywebsite/formtools/themes/default/index.tpl.
It looks like you are missing some files. You might need to re-install Form Tools.



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