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Max file size for upload?
Hi All!

I am having trouble figuring out what the max file size is for the Field Type "File". I have set it to "MEDIUMTEXT" which I link is ~16MB.

I have looked around and found this:
TINYTEXT 256 bytes
TEXT 65,535 bytes ~64kb
MEDIUMTEXT 16,777,215 bytes ~16MB
LONGTEXT 4,294,967,295 bytes ~4GB

however even though I have my Field Type "File" File size on "Very Large (MEDIUMTEXT)" and I have gone in and change the default "Max File Size (KB)" I cannot seem to get it to take anything over 2000 (2MB) even though MEDIUMTEXT should alow ~16MB.

If I set "Max File Size (KB)" to: 2000kb, 3000kb , 4000kb, respectively. With each of these settings I can upload a file the is 119KB but when I try a file that is 154KB I get the following error:

I read somewhere else on this form the some one had to edit their php.ini to compensate for this issue, but I want to check here first to see if there was a solution that I was missing before I did that. Last time I edited my php.ini my entire formtools stopped working, so I'd like to avoid that if I can.

Thanks for any help!


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