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Validation based on a previous selection
Hi guys I am a little stuck here and would appreciate a bit of help.

In my form a have a parent question then 4 "child" questions.

I need to set up validation so that if they select the parent question they need to select one of 4 child questions that follow it.

The parent question is a check box ie "What type of loan do you need?".

The the next 4 questions ask for more specific information and are Option A or B radio buttons and one that is an input text field but cant work out how to validate it with js so the user answer one of the questions.

Here is a simple break down of it

Q. What type of loan do you need? > 3 Checkbox options

Q. Buy a new home > Option A or B
Q. Refinance existing loan > text input field
Q. Renovate / build > Option A or B
Q. Use equity in your home for another purpose > text input field

The validation needs to be if they check the box they must answer one of the question below it.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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