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File Uploads making it impossible to create the form.
I'm using form tools 2.1.1.

I got a new form to add to it, and realized that this was the first time that I needed to do a file upload. I added a new external form, selected "Direct", set "This form contains one or more file upload fields" as Yes (though when I go back, I always have to put it back to Yes), and filled the form to upload it.

And then I got the following error.

process.php is not receiving any data. Note: this script cannot be loaded directly in your browser.
Make sure your form is sending via POST.

I'm not sure what the error is, since I don't get that error if I don't enter in all the file upload fields. In fact, as long as I only select one of the file upload fields, it goes through with no errors. If I have more than one, I get the error.

The site in question is located here. Any ideas why this isn't working, and how to get it to work?

Thanks in advance!
Hi Califer,

The files that are being uploaded might be timing out your the script. This happens sometimes when large files are uploaded and is common if you are using shared hosting.



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