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Help with swift mailer
Hi Gang

Need help!
I am trying to use the swift mailer module to send out email alerts when a form is processed. The html form is processed with process.php. I have the settings I think correct. I say this because when I send out the test email it from within swift mailer module it works. But once I fill in the form and submit nothing happens.
No error message does not reach destination.
The content for the email is only a text template. Also I am only using one of the listed examples for content. I have switched between a couple of them. But no difference.

Now php mail command does work so I could use it. But it is much slower and I would like the option for attachments.

Really need help soon!

Ok I think I figured it out.

I just updated my form by adding it again. Somehow this fixed everything.
This also helped out with my radio buttons. As I had 2 values properly entered the first time, now working with the second add of the form.


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