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any formtools freelancers here ???
Hi I am looking for someone to help me complete and improve a form tools

The registration form will be used to manage sponsored athletes… And other categories membership.

here is a weak attempt need better design and back end improvements

here are the basic variations on the same form

Athlete sponsorship registration - this form is to allow people who play the sport to make an application to be "sponsored" by the company meaning that they will get free equipment usually racquets etc. so they have to basically give information about themselves and the various tournaments and achievements. We would like to gather such information as interesting photos and their Facebook etc. profile

Coach sponsorship registration -- this would be similar as the form above except it would mention a group of athletes that they manage.

warranty registration form – this this form is for people who have purchased a racquets the company offers a 45 day warranty for breakage… So basically it would be to record the serial number the date and where the product was purchased.

Retailer or distributor registration -- these are for the various stores that sell their equipment we would want to capture their basic contact information

Event -- the client often sponsors tournaments and events so this would be for companies who would want to receive free equipment for their event or tournament… Is similar to the athlete sponsorship form except it is for a specific event

Organization -- this would be for various clubs and associations that the client supports… Again it is similar to the one above with minor field changes.

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