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Selecting specific number of submissions
Hi all

At the moment when I go the page that displays the submissions it displays 10 per page. How can I get the page to display more than 10 per page?

I've looked on the main setting page but it doesn't look like it's there.

Hey David,

The number of submissions can be edited by going to: Form > Edit icon > View > Submissions per Page


Thanks Joe.

I usually have between 5000 to 30000 submissions per form. I getting a problem when I try to download an entire submission database when I have a form with more than 10000 submissions, I get an error saying [an error occurred while processing this directive]. If I have a form with say 8000 submissions it downloads fine. Is there anything I need to change on my server or formtools to allow the download of databases with 10000+ submissions?
Hi David,

Your script is probably timing out. You'll need to update your server setting and update your php.ini file. Hope this helps.



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