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I'm a webmaster for a dog rescue.
We recently changed hosting companies and constructed a new site using GoDaddy.
The old company was using Formtools to run our online applications - 1 for adoption and one for volunteers. Plus the online data base of all the applications recieved.
They have now closed that server and Formtools along with the data base is no longer available to us as off tomorrow.
I finally was able to obtain the SQL and CVS files for our information

Honestly I HAVE NOT GOT A CLUE where to begin!!!
I was unable to FTP Formtools to GODaddy.. so I need help with that first.
Then I need help with the install and how to upload our files and get them to work.
While I can write code for the web I am HORRIBLE with SQL..
Any and All Help appreciated.

Hi there,

I would first use FTP to download all the files from the Form Tools installation. You will also need to get into the database to do a MySQL dump for all the data.

I'm not sure why you're not able to FTP to GoDaddy. That's likely an issue that you'll need to sort out with GoDaddy. Once you've FTP the files over, you will need to upload your database. If they have phpMyAdmin or some other tool, you can just import the MySQL dump / SQL file and run that to populate the database.

You will also need to update permissions and the configuration file with the new info on your new host.



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