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Duplicate form with SQL sentence

I have a question. I know that is not good to do this. I'm testing FormTools and I'm trying to duplicate a form from another one with SQL sentences.

I'm doing this:

1-. CREATE TABLE ft_form_13 LIKE ft_form_12;

2-. INSERT ft_form_13 select * from ft_form_12;

3-. INSERT INTO ft_client_forms (`account_id`, `form_id`) VALUES ('4', '13');

4-. INSERT INTO ft_forms (`form_id`, `form_type`, `access_type`, `submission_type`, `is_active`, `is_initialized`, `is_complete`, `is_multi_page_form`, `form_name`, `auto_delete_submission_files`, `submission_strip_tags`, `edit_submission_page_label`, `add_submission_button_label`) VALUES ('13', 'internal', 'public', 'direct', 'yes', 'yes', 'yes', 'no', 'NameOfForm2', 'no', 'yes', 'Edit Submission', '{$LANG.word_add_rightarrow}');

What more sentences I would need to insert, or what tables I would need to update with new information?

Thanks a lot in advance!

It's easier to duplicate a form with the form backup module:


Hello Joe!

Yes, I know this. But I would like to automate it. My intention is to use a job scheduler to automate forms duplication.

FormTools allow me to use it for a lot of IT tasks.

Thanks a lot!

Regards Smile


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