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Can't Copy a View
I am trying to create a new view within a form that already has several views. I click on "Add View", and in the dialog box I supply a new view name then use the dropdown to select one of the existing views. Then I click on "Create New View" - and get the blank view creation screen, not a copy of the view I chose with a new name that I think I should get. Does anyone know how to make this work? It would sure save me a lot of time! Thanks!

This is a feature that Formtools touts as being extremely powerful - which it would be if it worked! Has anybody ever used the copy view function?
It seems to work for me. What version are you using? Are any of the customizations for the existing view duplicated, such as filters?
Thanks you for replying! I am using Core version 2.2.6. No filters or any other parts of the view come over.

I thought about trying to duplicate the view myself through SQL, but it looks more complicated than I expected.

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