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Adding Text to form fields, more than the label seems to allow

I have been using formtools for <checks watch> 2 hours. Total. Ever.

I has gone pretty well considering I am a noob in most areas.

What I would like to be able to do is add more descriptive text to a form label.  For instance, terms and conditions, followed by a required  checkbox.  I can figure that last part out - but I can not seem to get all the text I want in the label area, it tells me that it is too long. 

Is there a way to accpomplish this?

Hahaha! Well I hope the first 2 hours weren't too painful. Smile

The labels are best for shorter strings, like you noted. Instead, you can use the "Field Comments" option, which is available on all field types. That was intended for just that: adding larger blocks of text that'll appear underneath the form field.

To try this go to:
- Edit Form -> Fields tab
- click the little "edit" icon for the field you're interested in.
- In the edit field modal that appears, go to the second tab entitled "Textbox Settings" (or "Dropdown settings" or whatever your field type is)
- uncheck the "use default value" checkbox for the Field Comments field and add your text there. Then save and go add/edit a form submission to see how it looks.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Ben,

I just happened to see that Field description box when trying to work out another issue and wondered if that is what it was for.. was next on my list to investigate, so your email was very timely.

While I have your attention - will the new version 3.0 be responsive?  Really hoping that this is at least within sight on the development road map.

Thanks Again,


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