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Adding Captcha
So, I have read the instructions but it seems that they are meant for external forms?   I am not sure how I would add some of the code to forms built using the Form Builder.   I have only added captcha to forms before using plugins in Wordpress, so while I understand the basics, the under the hood stuff is not something I have experience with.  

If any one can explain reeeaalll slow like... :-) 



PS - on another form that I made (not using this  tool) I was able to add a honeypot, can this be done in Formtools?  I don't know the pros and cons of that method over captcha, but it seems to work.
Hey Craig,

Ah yes, I'm afraid the captchas are only for external forms, sorry about that. Sad There's a tutorial here, but I'm afraid there aren't any options for Form Builder forms just now.

Same with the honeypot method: it requires customization of the form itself - so only external forms can do that right now.

Google reCAPTCHA will work fine?!
Nelson Costa.

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