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Allowing non client users to delete File Attachments
Core Version: 2.2.6

I have created a form that is being used successfully by our employees, but they have encountered and issue with the File Attachment portion of the form. It seems that when they attach a file, proceed to the review page and then decide that they would rather attach a different file, they are unable to delete the original file and attach the new file. I have confirmed this behavior in Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari. However, if I am signed into the Form Tools program within the same browser on a different tab, I can delete a file without any problems following the same steps. I realize now that the non-submitted form will only allow Clients to delete files. Is there a way to change this behavior so that anyone (i.e. non-clients) can delete a file from the form before submitting the form?

I have already confirmed the following settings:
Form Tools > Forms > Form A > Views > General > Access: Public
Form Tools > Forms > Form A > Views > Fields > Allow fields to be edited: Yes

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