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Clickable email links using mailto:
I was not able to use any of the other coding used in prior software for the mailto: command and was looking for help in getting my email links to click to my email application. I would appreciate any help on this.
Where are you using these email links?
on the Formtools public form. I want the email address to be clickable to my default email program.
The code I have been using in another form is
'<A HREF="mailto:"/><?php echo $email2; ?">Email</a>'

However I am having a problem applying this to FormTools and am sure there is a simple application. Any help?
Is this just a standard html form that you are building and where is it getting $email2? Try:

<a href="mailto:<?php echo $email2; ?>">Email</a>

If not maybe you can post all of the code and I’ll take a look through it.

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