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Upgrade fron 2.0.3 to 2.2.6
So I am in a bit of a bind here. I am trying to upgrade formtools on a live site which had an old version of FT on it (2.0.3). The documentation on this is not very specific but what I did was backup the database, make a backup copy of the FT directory and then uploaded the new files directly over the old ones. However, when it gets to the database portion of the install, it is saying that there is already tables in the database and I can either overwrite these tables or add new ones with a new prefix. I thought that the script would "update" the tables? I do not want to lose what data is in there and need to be able to access it from within the new version. Ben or someone, can you clarify this for me as I have to get this site back up live again ASAP.


Hey Dave,

Unfortunately, Form Tools does not automatically update your old database table with new database tables. My recommendation is to install Form Tools (without the old tables), rebuild the forms in Form Tools and the import the data over. Hope this helps.



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