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Form Tools Core (3.0.0-alpha-20171023)
(Oct 29th, 2017, 8:09 PM)Ben Wrote: Hey Lyle, hmm... I've had no problems on my end. What version of PHP are you running?

Does the path look right in that error message you posted? I don't really see how the Data Visualization module is involved to be honest - it would have complained about something in the modules/data_visualization folder, I think.

Also: try adding the module back in with your working installation. Curious to know if you still have problems now.


Hi Ben,

Found the issue.  In the archive, the following file has a capitol I in the name..


in the file data_visualization/library.php

So on *nix boxes, it won't see it.  I changed it to lower case, and viola!  Smile


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