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Submission Pre-Parser & Spam Detection
Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered, I searched and was not sure if I was using the correct search criteria, anyway I couldn't find anything.

Ok, so I am using the "Submission Pre-Parser" module for Spam Detection and the "ignore submission" is working insofar as the submissions are not being recorded in the database.

However, the automatic sending of the e-mail is still occurring.

In other words the pre-parser is working but all of my forms are set up to send an e-mail when a form is filled out and submitted and that email is still being generated.

Is there are way to prevent that from happening?

Hi Diana,

You could create a view that includes a flag for submissions that are saved. Then in the Email section you can configure the email to only be sent for that view.

> Email
> Configuration Tab
> Click "Advanced Settings"
> Select "Only submissions that fit into the following View(s)"
> Select your view

Hope this helps.



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