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ID/ password reset Form Tools 3 Alpha
Downloaded Form Tools 3 alpha, lost Id/Pwd access to Form Tools program.

Is there an easy way to reset Id/Pwd?

Per Form Tools Forum, the password reset requires an encrypted password to edit phpMyAdmin "ft_accounts" table

The reference to encrypt password ( ) does not work.

How might I reset Id/Pwd with newly downloaded Form Tools 3 Alpha?

Hi adminhrfocus,

Sorry for the wait! It was a very busy week...!

Ordinarily you can just click the link on the login page to get your password reset, however I see there's a problem with that at the moment: apologies, I'll fix that in the next alpha release.

Try this. Create a php file on your site with this content (just change "your password here" to whatever you want).

PHP Code:
echo md5(md5("your password here")); 

Then load it up in your web browser and copy the generated string to your clipboard. 

Lastly, open up your database with phpMyAdmin - or whatever DB tool you use - and edit the first record in the ft_accounts table. 

There change the password field to whatever you just copied to your clipboard. After that's updated you should be allowed to log in again. 

Sorry for the long explanation... it'll get simpler soon. Smile

Nice I will need this Smile
Nelson Costa.
Quick follow-up on this.

I thought there was a problem with the auto-generated password you get from the Password Reset email, but turns out it's working fine. I was double clicking it in my email, copying it to my clipboard and pasting it into the Form Tools pwd field in the login form. However, it appears on Chrome/Mac it doesn't show you in your browser that you're also copying whitespace before the text, so I was actually pasting in the password + a space, which didn't work.

Wonder if I should trim() the password in the code...? Passwords not starting with (or even containing) whitespace seems reasonable...

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