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Emails are not sent
The mails sent by form tools are not delivered to our subscribers. Our mail server states the following error:
qmail-scanner[922392]: Policy:Bad_MIME_Header:RC:1( 0.026339 2831

We succesfully managed to send text+html messages with other php scripts to exclude serious problems with the mail server.

Using the form tools email testing function, we succeeded sending emails in the format text- and html-only, but not in the standard mixed format (text+html). Again with the above error. Unfortunately we can not change the type of email that should be send, at least we couldn't find any info in the documentation. In case we save the email template on a particular format, it reverts back to html+text upon relogin.

Do you have a solution?
Hi there,

Try deleting the email notification you created and then log out. When you log in again, recreate the email with the format that works (either text or html only).


O thank you Joe, it seems I overlooked the following:
Quote:If you wish to send your email as only text or email, only enter a value for that section. If you enter a value for both, the email will be sent in both formats.

I removed one of the two and hope it will now run correctly. You have any idea why the combined format would be blocked by the mail server? (error: bad mime header)
It could be blocked for any number of reasons. It really depends on the mail servers configurations.



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