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Designating multiple pages
Hello, I am using Form Tools v.2.2.6, have created a form with 15+ fields, and would like to separate the fields into different pages of the form, all to be submitted at once at end. So page 1 would have 4 fields, page 2 would have 6 fields and so on. I would like to use ‘process.php’ rather then ‘API’. I have named View/Tabs/Tab Labels to page names but I do not know how to populate those tabs with the fields I want. How do I designate which fields go to any particular page?
Hi there,

You'll need to use the API method if you want to submit a form over multiple forms. Here is a link to the documentation:


Thanks Joe, I have found what I was looking for without requiring API.
I select my created form / select 'View' / select 'Tabs' to add tabs (pages)
then select 'View' / select 'Fields' / and 'Add New Group'. I can then designate which Groups go to which 'Available Tabs', pages.
From their I can put on my site using an iFrame.
I apologize if I did not describe what I was looking for properly. I appreciate your reply.
The end answer is Adding Groups and designating those Groups to a page (tab).

Awesome! Thanks for posting back your solution Eric.


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