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Is form tools right for me?
Hi Team

Hoping someone can answer my question regarding whether form tools will be right for me? I have done the demo but I'm still unclear - though the product looks promising. I have fairly simple requirements.

I'm looking for a system for multiple clients to use. They would need to login, fill out a form (all the same form except for a logo unique to each client) and save it. Each client might do this many times in a day. They would need the ability to search all the forms they had filled in, print, or download as PDF. Clients can not see other clients forms.

The ability to generate a unique ID on each filled in form would be ultra-handy. (For instance, "clientid_999999" where the number increments for each form filled.)

That's pretty much it.

Am I on the right track?

Much appreciated.
Hey Paul,

Form Tools should do most of what you require. It does not export data to a PDF however because Form Tools is open source, you could customize the code to do that. It sounds like you would just need to build Internal Forms and would not need the Form Builder in the demo.

There is an auto-incrementing ID in the forms but it is not appended by "client_".

Hope this helps.



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