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Swift Mailer - FT2.2.6
Hi guys,

Im trynig to use Swift Mailer.

When I insert the data and when I test I got this error..

Any ideia?

There was a problem communicating with SMTP: Expected response code(s) [250] but got response [550 MYSERVERIP is _my_ address]
Nelson Costa.
In my experience a 550 error means it was rejected by the server. Are you sending to a hotmail or Microsoft domain by chance? I have had a terrible time with those accepting mail from a few of my applications (not necessarily FT).
Im using my own SMTP servers, and I also tried GMAIL with same configs on others softwares
Nelson Costa.
I meant in the domain that you are sending to. Are you sending to yourself at your own domain? Can you look at your SMTP logs?
Well I dont know how to find the logs XD

But tomorow I will test my SMTP server in others softwares I have... maybe i find some solution.
Nelson Costa.

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