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Adding a Field Dynamically

We have a form that is filled out by drivers picking up items. On one pick up there can be from 1 to over 100 items, depending on the job.

Currently we use iAuditor which allows the driver to click on a 'Add Item' button as many times as he wishes, which just adds another 'item' field.

Is there a similar way to do this on FT? So far my options are just to create a bunch of different forms on FT depending on how many 'item' fields they may need.

Thank you Smile

Hey there,

Form Tools is best suited for data that has a one to one relationship. Adding records in this manner would like be best with two separate tables where each 'item' can just be an additional row of data instead of a new column / field.

The solution you are considering is common among Form Tool developers. Typically you would just create a number of fields in advance and then enable the user to "add" a new field but those fields would have already been created.


(Feb 27th, 2014, 1:23 PM)Joe Wrote: ...enable the user to "add" a new field but those fields would have already been created.

Hi Joe,

So I can create 100 possible 'item' rows, but how can I go about giving the users the ability to dynamically "add" a row?

Conditional field?
i.e. how do I hide the unwanted rows until they are wanted Smile

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