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Location of form
Hi, I am a newbie to Form Tools. I have installed Form Tools v2.2.6 on to my website directory ( and used the menus to create a form. I had used the internal form option to set up a form titled "Contact", linked it to my web host's SQL database, and set email notifications for form submissions. Test submissions were registered in the SQL records, although I did not receive any email notification.

However, I am clueless on my next step. How can web users access my form? Can anyone please help to provide some guidance?
If you want people without we formtools login to be able to fill out your form, you'll need to create an external form. You can either use the form builder module or create your own forms with HTML. Hope this helps!
Thank you!
Location of form is here. If you want to visit the location then means all which define you about location. When you reached on location means all for website that is really here on ever all the time. So hope you take it in best way and manage all which is define here.

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