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Form Tools Beta Install Bug
I have just downloaded and installed the new formtools beta 2 version and ftp'ed it up to my web server. upon going to the url ( ) i receive errors, i think this isnt right so i go ok maybe it throwing those errors because form tools isnt installed i go to and low and behold i get missing files to a directory that docent even exist in the install or the archive i downloaded from formtools.

any ideas on how to fix this???
Hi Gronkstar,

I just took a look at the download file and all the files look like they're there. What FTP application are you using? Sometimes I've ran into problems with files not being uploaded properly. These days I use filezilla - never had another problem.

- Ben
lol i am using file zilla, i also tried uploading the archive straight to the server and got the same issue so it carnt be the ftp program. could it be something to do with plesk 9.2

any idea whats causing the issue?
No matter what i try ben i carnt find those %% directories that are being listed after the \cache\ in this instance %%D1^D15^D15896C9%%index.tpl.php in the original installation i have downloaded it 3 times and uploaded it 3 different ways to the server and got twe same result every time i am lost and confused to what's causing this issue
Hey Gronkstar,

Actually, the contents of the /cache folder don't exist in the installation file: they're created dynamically by the script (or more accurately, by "Smarty" which is bundled with Form Tools). Those files beginning with %% .. are cache files.

The installation script *should* detect that your cache folder is read-writable, but it sounds like maybe its not because the files aren't being created. Since you're on a Windows server, ask your hosting provider to change that folder to have full read-write permissions.

Let me know if this helps...

- Ben
Yup, that fixed it thanks for your help, its taken me a while to track down the correct cahe folder but once i had and selected "modify" int he securities tab it seemed to work with out a hitch.
Good to know, thanks! I'll jot this down as a potential bug: as I said, the installation script *should* detect the folder permissions and warn you appropriately. I'm curious to know why this didn't happen in your case...!

- Ben
that jpins the long list of issues that i have had with Plesk & Windows a lot of apps have done hat and i have had to go in manually and change the security settings of the folder for some reason,

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