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Export Module question - HTML and Excel view omit 0 or no values
Hi there,

Firstly, I'd just like to say how awesome I think Form Tools is. It's given me a superb solution for a client whom I've developed an online order form for and it really is an excellent application!

I am having a slight issue though, in that I'd like my clients to be able to log in and view their orders via the HTML / Print view and also via Exporting for Excel. How would one go about setting this so that it's the same as the email template whereby it's possible to omit inputs with '0' or no values?

I'm using Form Tools 2.2.7.

Many thanks in advance!

Hey Alex,

You can just create a client account for your client and then map the submissions to the client ID. What you'll need to do is:

- Setup a view for each client
- Add a default value to the client ID field (View / General tab / Default Values for New Submissions)
- The default ID needs to be set to the client that you are setting up the view for
- Add client filter based on client ID field

Omitting a single field can be done through filters in the View however omitting multiple fields with no values will need to be done through code.

Also we had an issue with 2.2.7 and it had to be rolled back to 2.2.6. Please revert the version you are using.


Joe, thanks so much, that does make sense, I have to admit, I hadn't explored editing the views for clients. I'll look into it and report back any issues, however it should be fairly straightforward.

I'll sort out rolling back the installation to 2.2.6 asap.

Thanks again,


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