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Custom Field Error
Hi All,

i cannot understand the strange behaviour of the custom field module in my website: sometimes works well, but sometimes not, but without errors.

For example, i've created a very simple custom files, called "prova". In the "Saving" tab i inserted just a simple php line: $value = 1;

The second step i did is to link this custom field with an existing field into an existing Form.

When i try now to add a new submission in the form, and update it, the value "1" is not put into the form field.

But, when i create a new form, with just one field, and i link this field with the same simple custom field, and then i add a new submission, the value "1" is correctly put into the form field after i press the update button.

I cannot explain me this strange behaviour. Could you help me please ?

Thanks a lot, Marco

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