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Form input not recognized in submission email
Hello, I have created a form with 6 Field Groups (form is separated into 6 'pages', separated by a 'Continue' after each page), and on the 7th page is the "Review" page whereas I can see all fields and the content I input in each. At the bottom I click 'Continue' and I get the success page: "Thanks, Your form has been processed. Thanks for submitting the form."

I then receive an email from the form but it only shows the first Field Group of queries -- but all are blank. No other pages. No input.

I do not know why I am not receiving the entire form. I have not been able to find a solution for this or any other mention in the Forum. Any help would be appreciated.
I figured out what my problem was! Apparently in changing and expanding my form, I neglected to update the Emails/Edit Emails Template/Content section. The previous section only had a few fields that were used originally and by reselecting the HTML Template/Text Template it added the current fields to it.
Thanks for reporting back!



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