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Central database to query form entries
Ok so after my last post I found my answer for publishing forms....Apparently you have to buy the paid version to get that feature.

I have a different question and I'm hoping that I can get an answer on this one.

Essentially what I want is to be able to create forms...publish them to a website. When people go to the forms to enter the information. On the backend I want a database to be able to hold that information. Where I can run reports and/or query criteria.

Is this something that this product can do?
Yes FormTools will do that. If you know how to create a form with HTML you are good to go. Check out the documentation. You'll want to go with the external form route. Your HTML form will add the information to your database. You can access that information easily on the backend.
Thank you for the reply.

I'm actually looking for a solution where an end user with no tech knowledge can create a form hit "publish" and then have a php file that I can actually insert into my current website. I don't want to have to create the html form at all.
You'll probably need the Form Builder Module for that. Check out the video and documentation at:
Will it work for the "Thank you for submitting" emails as well? I'm trying to find documentation on auto filling a thank you email.


Thank you %First Name%

some more verbiage...etc.

I basically want to personalize the thank you after the submission is done.
The thank you email can be setup with the standard Form Tools function email notification functions. The fields can be personalized. When you setup the email just select an example email and then you can see all the variables that you've setup.


Ok so what about like a thank you page from the redirect url.

I have a test redirect setup that points to another php file.

This php file basically says thanks yada yada yada...then actually redirects to a url after 5 seconds.

Would this be possible to embed values from the database to autofill or no?
Sorry, you won't be able to autofill the thank you page without customizing the code.



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