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Questions Before Purchase

Before I purchase this form I need to make sure it does what I want

1. Of course some fields must be validated

2. Before fields are validated the captcha must be checked firs

3. What comes first the validation or the captcha. I need the form to go nowhere until the vlaidation fields are filled correctly and the captcha is correct

4. I need the admin to receive the information that was filled out on the form.

5. I need the user that filled out the form to have a copy of what she filled out and be taken to a thank you page.

6. I need to have the admin and the user knows exactly what was on the form she sent.

7. Can I make any form I want with check boxes drop downs and radios

8. The captcha and validation is very important.

The Form I have now has about 200 possible selections she can choose.

Any and all help would be great. Hopefully this may work.

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