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Form Record Count

Is there an issue when the record count reaches a certain threshold?
I got a problem, cannot view submission.
Current record count is 780k+ records in one form.

I can view submissions for forms with less record count.

FormTool version 2.2.5

  1. Core Field Types 1.0.2
  2. Export Manager 2.1.1
  3. File Upload 1.1.0
  4. Form Backup 1.1.4
  5. Pages 1.2.6
  6. Swift Mailer 1.1.2
  7. System Check 1.0.3
  8. TinyMCE Field 1.0.8
I think I've found a behaviour....

I got 780k+ records in a form.
[Image: FTPossibleIssue1.png]

I can see the list.
[Image: FTPossibleIssue2.png]

I cannot see the submission detail. Fiddler says 500 Internal Server Error.
But when I filter the list to, say, Year to date, the list shows some 180k+ records and now I can see the submission detail.

Is this FormTools issue or host?

Can anyone give me a lead?
I think your PHP maybe need more time to think.
Nelson Costa.
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