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File Type

There's a form feature to choose whether to delete or retain uploaded/attached file when removing submissions.

Possibly another one,
let admin decide whether to rename or overwrite file with duplicate names.

Currently, I went into the PHP code to do that. I will loose the changes when update FormTools.

Thank you.
Can do it from FTP, its kinda more safe Smile
Nelson Costa.
(Dec 4th, 2017, 6:46 AM)nelsondcosta Wrote: Can do it from FTP, its kinda more safe Smile


My suggestion is from a "convenience & user" point of view.
When you create a upload folder, you can use that folder for any FT form you create. So if you delete 1 form, youmight delete others too.

Or add a option only to delete the files with the same name, as the record on DB.
Nelson Costa.

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