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Mobile Devices
Forgive me if this is answered elsewhere.  I haven't been able to locate.  Buuuuuut......

I created a form for a client at   The client says the form will be used mostly on smartphones.  They also want the font sizes to appear larger the box descriptions.  They want the font to be as big as possible and still fit in the space.  

I've got it to be mostly responsive at this point, but it still doesn't look quite "right."

Is there an easy way to implement these changes to show up on mobile devices and still look nice?  

Many thanks again for your help.
Looks very nice, say to your client he is dumb, you have a nice work Smile
Nelson Costa.
Thanks. Smile

I was actually able to streamline it a bit just before you replied and the client is happy with the way it's looking right now.
Yap sounds nice, you sould share the code of the layout Tongue
Nelson Costa.

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