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Error Code #304
Hey everyone,

I am trying to create a php-based API form for use in FormTools. I am an novice to intermediate web designer. Sorry if my terminology is off. I keep getting error message #304. Does anyone have any advice? Copied text below.

Error Type: System 
[b]Error Code: #304
 — Learn more about this error.[/b]

Failed query in ft_api_process_form, /home/slcatl5/public_html/formtools/global/api/api.php, line 811: 
UPDATE ft_form_35
SET State = 'Virginia',
policy_area = 'Agriculture and Natural Resources',
program_name = 'Farmville',
agency = 'Ag Department',
contact_name = 'Bob',
contact_title = 'Farmer',
address_line_1 = '123',
address_line_2 = '',
city = '123',
zip = '30033',
phone = '123',
email = '',
website = '',
descriptions = 'Files',
heardaboutSTAR = 'Word of mouth',

last_modified_date = '2017-12-14 18:43:44',
ip_address = ''

WHERE submission_id = 4
Unknown column 'State' in 'field list'

The form is here: Thanks in advance for your help!
I figured it out. My column names in PHP My Admin were different from my column names in Form Tools. I fixed this. I can now submit information to the form. I am still having trouble getting the uploaded files to show up in Form Tools, though. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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