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Error Code #304
Hey everyone,

I am trying to create a php-based API form for use in FormTools. I am an novice to intermediate web designer. Sorry if my terminology is off. I keep getting error message #304. Does anyone have any advice? Copied text below.

Error Type: System 
[b]Error Code: #304
 — Learn more about this error.[/b]

Failed query in ft_api_process_form, /home/slcatl5/public_html/formtools/global/api/api.php, line 811: 
UPDATE ft_form_35
SET State = 'Virginia',
policy_area = 'Agriculture and Natural Resources',
program_name = 'Farmville',
agency = 'Ag Department',
contact_name = 'Bob',
contact_title = 'Farmer',
address_line_1 = '123',
address_line_2 = '',
city = '123',
zip = '30033',
phone = '123',
email = '',
website = '',
descriptions = 'Files',
heardaboutSTAR = 'Word of mouth',

last_modified_date = '2017-12-14 18:43:44',
ip_address = ''

WHERE submission_id = 4
Unknown column 'State' in 'field list'

The form is here: Thanks in advance for your help!
I figured it out. My column names in PHP My Admin were different from my column names in Form Tools. I fixed this. I can now submit information to the form. I am still having trouble getting the uploaded files to show up in Form Tools, though. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hey this is so easy and by following below certain steps you would not receive error#304 for sure. Just try the path and best research paper writing service will guide you on what steps you have to follow. In case you need any assistance please let us know.
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